10 Things You Should Know About Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

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You are considering installing a glass splashback in your kitchen but is it right for you? A kitchen splashback is so important as it will be protecting your walls whilst you are cooking.

This overview will provide you with some of the things that you need to know about kitchen glass splashbacks before you purchase.

#1 Modern

If you have a traditional home, then a glass splashback may not be the right decision for your home as they are usually placed within modern kitchens and homes.

However, depending on your kitchen design it may still work for you regardless. You just need to make sure that a glass splashback will fit in.

#2 Colours and Patterns

You may not realise but when creating a glass splashback, you will have a huge range of colours and patterns to choose from, rather than just plain glass or a plain colour. If you would like, you can think about having a photo effect put on it or even having it personalised; with glass splashbacks you can do so much more with the overall design of your kitchen or even create a focal point from it.

#3 Expensive

Your budget will be a big decider over which material you have for your splashback, so glass being expensive may rule it out for you. However, it may be expensive, but you will be getting a high quality splashback that can last you for years.

#4 Easy to Clean

Your high quality glass splashback will be an absolute breeze to keep clean and maintain. Grease and food splatters are inevitable on your splashbacks so having a material that will be easy to keep clean is so important for many homeowners. All you need to keep your glass splashback clean is a damp cloth and some mild soap with warm water.

#5 Light Reflecting

Glass has an amazing feature where it can make your kitchen feel and look much bigger than it actually is. You can use the glass in your kitchen design to help bring more light in to create the illusion that your smaller kitchen is rather large and roomy.

#6 Long Installation Process

When your supplier and fitter arrives to install your glass splashback it will be after they have already made several trips to your home. Your supplier will need to have a lot of information such as ensuring that they have scoped and measured your kitchen area correctly so that the splashback installation goes smoothly. After they have all the measurements they need, they will then be able to fit your splashback during the next appointment.

#7 Welcoming

As we mentioned above, having a glass splashback can help make your kitchen feel so much bigger, but it can also make it look lighter. Bringing in the light to your kitchen can make it feel much more welcoming, especially in family homes.

#8 No Windows? No Problem!

If your kitchen has no windows or very few, then glass splashbacks will also help the design of your kitchen. Your glass splashback will help to reflect light around the kitchen from other rooms to make your kitchen feel much more open than it actually is; whereas a stone splashback cannot offer you this and may make your kitchen feel closed off.

#9 Easily Scratch

One of the biggest downfalls of a glass splashback is that it can scratch easily, so you need to be careful what you use when cleaning. However, it generally should not be a problem as splashbacks do not tend to make contact with abrasive or sharp objects by accident, it will usually be a decision you make.

#10 DIY

Unlike stone splashbacks, it is possible for you to install your glass splashback yourself. However, you still need to know what you are doing to ensure that it has been fitted correctly and will therefore last years. But it is much easier to install than stone splashbacks, which you absolutely should not attempt yourself unless you are a professional.


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