Pros & Cons for Printed Glass Splashbacks

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The days of having a splashback that is simply just there to offer practicality are gone. You are now able to have printed glass splashbacks that can add pattern, colour and texture to the bathroom or kitchen. So while the splashback is protecting your walls, it is also a piece of art in its own right that you almost forget what its job is.

But, is a printed glass splashback for you? While they have their list of benefits, they are not without their downfalls.

Pros of Printed Glass Splashbacks

A printed glass splashback is able to complement the design of your bathroom or kitchen even more than an ordinary glass splashback. Instead of having a simple glass splashback, why not use it as an opportunity to create a beautiful piece of art?

Glass splashbacks are stunning and sleek pieces as they are able to be installed in large panels, instead of lots of smaller ones. This adds to the overall finished look as they blend in with each other far more and adds consistency.

So that your new splashbacks are less likely to scratch or get damaged, you are able to request them to be toughened, which leaves you with strong and durable splashbacks that you never have to really worry about.

Printed glass splashbacks are so easy to keep clean so it is ideal for both bathrooms and kitchens as they are both areas where you are needing an easy cleaning routine to maintain. All you have to do is use a mild detergent and wipe with a cloth – job done!

Lastly, glass splashbacks are extremely easy to install so it minimizes the fuss. They can be installed by either being screwed or glued into place and once they have been installed, there is no chance of them coming loose.

Cons of Printed Glass Splashbacks

While printed glass splashbacks certainly do have their benefits, they are not without their pitfalls either. Printed glass splashbacks are far more likely to clash against a design if you choose to redesign the room, so you need to think about the print you are choosing in case you decide to change the theme. Having to be restricted to picking a neutral print may not be what you had in mind, after all it has the opportunity to be a piece of art.

As printed glass splashbacks can clash quite easily, you need to consider your existing design a bit more as you need to ensure that the print does match with your current accessories and colour theme.

Lastly, you need to make sure that you will be happy with the print for a long time to come. Your taste for prints will tire far quicker than a colour and while it is not impossible to change the glass splashback, it is not an easy task.

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