Stone Kitchen Worktops vs Glass Worktops

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Deciding on the material of your kitchen worktop is such an important one as it will set the tone for your whole kitchen. When making the decision it comes from a variety factors such as cost, how you will be using the worktop and how much time and money you can allow for care and maintaining it.

The cost of the kitchen worktop will vary hugely depending on the exact material of your choice. Stone worktops are not necessarily cheaper because there are so many different stones that you can choose from, ranging from budget-friendly to expensive.

Two of the most common worktop materials are stone and glass; this overview will talk briefly about both to help you decide which one would be better for your home. They both have very different advantages and disadvantages, so this will help clear that up, so you can consider both sides before purchasing.

Glass Kitchen Worktops

Glass has been traditionally used for kitchen splashbacks, however it is now being used as a very popular material for kitchen worktops as well. Glass is ideal for being used as a worktop in modern homes and will come available in a range of colours; glass comes in almost all colours you can think of, so you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Additionally, glass can withstand up to 400 degrees, so it makes the perfect cooking surface as you will no doubt be placing hot pots and pans onto the worktop surface. However, we do recommend that you still use heat pads where necessary to help your glass worktop last a lifetime.

Glass kitchen worktops can be quite expensive, depending on the quality, however so are some stones depending on which stone you are looking at. So over all the price of glass may not come up as the most expensive option and can often be cheaper!

Stone Kitchen Worktops

There are three commonly used stones for stone kitchen worktops and these are: Granite, Quartz and Marble. Granite is most probably the most popular because it is hard and offers so many benefits such as being heat, stain and scratch resistant. However, Quartz offers almost every benefit that Granite does so it is a close contender.

Marble is also very popular however its price tag means that not everyone can buy it. Marble comes in a variety of beautiful colours and shades but is a porous material, unlike Granite and Quartz. This means that Marble will hold onto any spillages and will likely stain. So, you need to be far more careful as well as having to spend out for the long-term maintenance fees of re-sealing every year. However, Marble is perfect for those who bake a lot, especially pastry, as it can handle heat well and will prevent the dough from sticking to the surface.

Hopefully this guide to stone kitchen worktops and glass worktops have given you some of the information that you need in order to make a decision on which would be better for you and your home.


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